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We are on a quest of wasting less material & therefore becoming a zero waste brand. The scrap fabric, elastic and threads are already getting a new life, as kitty beds. We have quite a lot of stray kitties in our area, and we have been making kitty beds out of all the unusable materials in the studio. 
Sometimes though, a finished piece might be faulty (puckered fabric, wonky stitching, etc), and we feel too bad to turn it into shreds for a kitty bed, so we thought, why not sell all these pieces in a discounted price, and categorize them into grades A-B-C. 

A grade - fully functional and cute like normal, but will have minor faults such as - upside down patterns. 

B grade - fully functional and cute, but will have faults like wonky stitching/embroidery.

C grade - fully functional and cute, but will have more major faults like loose inseam threads, puckered fabric.

Each item will have its own description as to why its under the “Seconds” list and photos of actual faults will be shown. 

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