What sizes do you offer?
We currently offer sizes Small, Medium and Large. If you want a custom size, feel free to email us at letheintimates@outlook.com

Do you offer custom designs?
Yes, we can sketch and make something only of you! Just email us at letheintimates@outlook.com for more details.

What are the care instructions?

 You can find the detailed care in instructions here.

Do you loan items for shoots?
Yes, we do but for magazine editorials only and with a loaning fee. Email us at lethe-intimates@outlook.com the details, magazine LOR and portfolio work.
We require a few days prior to shipping, to prepare the items.
You must provide the shipping cost for the items to be delivered to you and the return cost as well.
Items must return in the condition they were in when received, and if any damages or missing items occur you must pay for them. The loaning fee, is to ensure that the items will return to us undamaged.

Do you offer wholesale?
Yes, please email me at lethe-intimates@outlook.com for inquiries.

Where are you based and do you offer Internationall shipping?
We are based in the EU and yes, we offer International shipping.